Logo designs, business cards, infographics, posters, and access to Adobe Font for the perfect typography that fits the appropriate design- I take great pride in the details of all my design work.

Business Card
Business card mock up for masters project was designed on Adobe InDesign. The scripted monogram was hand drawn. Other typography was chosen from Adobe Fonts.
Fibra Logo Mock Up
Mock up logo for Fibra, an entrepreneurial idea for book designs for digital books/ ebooks. Logo created on Adobe Illustrator.
Human Trafficking Infographic Poster
Infographics poster of human trafficking. Designed to tell a story from global scope to “local” effects in the USA. Created on Adobe Illustrator.
Pop Art Urban Billboard
Pop Art Urban Billboard features a movie poster using colors and typography used in the film’s real poster. Created on Adobe Illustrator
Song Lyrics - Tale as Old as Time
Lyric poster that features Beauty and the Beast‘s Belle, using only lyrics from the song “Tale as Old as Time.” Designed on Adobe InDesign.